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I’ve tried most of the classics and nothing has come close. I don’t normally write more than a tweet about music gear but from the first second I plugged this pedal in I knew it was for me. When overdriving my JCM 800 I’ve tried the TS-808, TS-9, Fulltone OCD, various Boss Overdrive’s, about 3 different era …Read More

500 miles from home, alone in a cheap hotel I refreshed my Twitter and felt like giving up. When my most recent solo record came out in 2009 I set up an ill-advised search for my name to catch album reviews as they were posted. I never removed this search from the app and I’d check it from time …Read More

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Setting up layout grids in Illustrator is much easier than you (may) think. Humans have been using layout grids long before printing was invented, if you want to know about the modern history of grids I would recommend reading Grid Systems in Graphic Design and Making and Breaking the Grid amongst others. This post isn’t …Read More

More and more design positions are focussed on digital. What’s a print designer to do? It’s been around 4 years since I started the transition from print design to working almost exclusively in digital. The industry has changed significantly over my design career with fewer print jobs being commissioned to agencies and traditional design roles becoming …Read More

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