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My new solo record “Everyone is happy now” is digitally released on Friday 13th May. The album was recorded over some time, so it’s great to finally get it out to some people…my cat is super bored of it. You can buy the album on Bandcamp, iTunes etc and stream to your hearts content on …Read More

New album released May 13th 2016 So, almost 7 years after my last solo release I’m back with a new album called “Everyone Is Happy Now” under the new name Permanent Record. Although I first sketched ideas for some these songs back in 2012, the album really came together a couple of weeks ago over the bank …Read More

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Work in an Agile product environment? Here’s some tongue in cheek T-shirt designs for you… Learn Build Measure, Learn Build Measure, Learn Buildd Mmmmmeagsfkhgs df sdkfjhsdfdsjfjkdshfsdfh!   Dropping J*RA Balls If you’re interested in purchasing one please tweet me at @iknowdavehouse. If I get enough interest I’ll get them printed!

Setting up layout grids in Illustrator is much easier than you (may) think. Humans have been using layout grids long before printing was invented, if you want to know about the modern history of grids I would recommend reading Grid Systems in Graphic Design and Making and Breaking the Grid amongst others. This post isn’t …Read More

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