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So we started another band… Recap is a new hardcore punk band featuring all members of Pacer; and the first release with our new drummer Alex. That’s enough talking, go listen to it here  

My new solo record “Everyone is happy now” is digitally released on Friday 13th May. The album was recorded over some time, so it’s great to finally get it out to some people…my cat is super bored of it. You can buy the album on Bandcamp, iTunes etc and stream to your hearts content on …Read More

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A new website for my favourite record shop Banquet Records and I go way back, not only was it my (not so local) hangout during my late teens / early twenties I also spent six and a half years of my life working (and for a time, living) there. Since leaving Banquet I’ve always taken …Read More

I’ve been very excited about learning CSS Grid Layout for some months now. After hearing Rachel Andrew speak about it at least once on every podcast I’ve listened to in the past year it feels like what web designers have been waiting for since FOREVER. I’d fully recommend watching the conference talk below for an …Read More

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Sadly the dark pattern is all too common. Whether it’s a free iOS game that changes the “close” button position of pop up ads at random intervals to app store links, or adding items to your shopping cart (e.g. insurance) without any user interaction, you can find elements of this practice; to different degrees all …Read More

Can you build a website that has an initial load of 10kb or less? The people behind A List / Book / Event Apart have launched 10k Apart. It’ll be fun and you can win over $10k in prizes too!

Jeremy Keith of Clearleft shares his thoughts on Progressive Web Apps – The imitation game

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